The "About Us" section would be more appropriate if it says "About Me". My name is Allen Berezovsky, and I am a Getty Images contributing photographer. Aside from that, I am also Sr. Web/Database developer with over 15 years of experience writing data-driven web applications. By day I write code, by night I shoot photos.

When I first began to review my royalty statemnts, I found that there are always a few things that interest me, namely: 1)What image sold? 2)Who is the image of? 3)What event did I shoot it at? and 4) How are the images that I shot doing over time.

To answer the first three questions, the process was: Go to your statement, copy the asset number, paste it into the search box on the Getty Images site, and there you have it....the image that sold, who it is, and at what event! Of course, this is very time consuming, and if you sold say 200 images in a month, nobody is going to do this for every picture...just the pictures with the highest dollar amounts. But the lower dollar amounts do matter! The image might not have sold for a lot, but it did sell, and there is value in knowing what sold, how often it sold, and for how much it sold for.

What I decided to develop is a reporting tool where I can dump my monthly statement data, and in one place see the actual image that sold, who is on the image, how often it sold and for how much, how often does that particular celebrity has sold over time, how much money did I make over time on each event, etc. Once I did it for my own benefit, it would be too selfish to keep just for myself. By popular demand, I now make it available to other Getty contributors. The site is undergoing it's last Beta Testing, and will be available for everyone soon!